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Meet Andrea Young

bigLOVE 2020 Keynote Speaker

Meet Our Speaker: Text

Andrea Young and her husband, Richard, live with their six children on a farm in Alpharetta, Georgia. After graduating from Auburn University, she lived in East Asia with Cru on a 1 year stint starting small groups and underground churches where the Lord developed her heart for the nations. Upon returning to the states, Andrea met Richard, and they are going on 17 years of marriage. They helped start Wiphan Care Ministries in Zambia Africa, and together they have served for 12+ years on the board of Wiphan consisting of 3 schools in Zambia dedicated to discipling and educating orphans and widows. Andrea founded and led Created for Care, retreats for foster and adoptive moms, for 7 years in the Atlanta area.

Recently, Andrea co-leads a weekly gathering educating teenage girls in Biblical truths and everyday life skills from woodworking, gardening and baking. The most important thing to her is her walk with the Lord and family—(and her farm animals fit some where in there too). Between adopted and biological children, she and her husband are raising six children ranging from teen to preschool. Andrea’s passion is encouraging other moms, building community and teaching Bible study.

Andrea is very excited to have the opportunity to encourage foster and adoption moms at bigLOVE—and believes strongly that some times we just need to slow down and REMEMBER—listening to the One who called us first to this place and allow Him to refill us, remind us and send us back to love the way He created us to.

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